Here are some comments from participants of previous Hiroshima Essential Trainings. 
In addition, as we have offered a “facilitator” role into the Trainings since the 4th Trainings, we also received some comments on the Training from the facilitator’s point of view. The facilitators were selected among previous trainees by the Project Manager to support trainees and make their learning process more effective.  


The 3rd Hiroshima Essential Trainings

From Trainees:

“Despite the great adjustment that we have to face, it is indeed a great privilege that I am personally had a chance in learning and acquiring knowledge in this rare situation.

I was personally challenged to perform well, and to be able to do such, I hoped to start it in my family first since it is the smallest unit of the society thereby we will possibly replicate it to our community.  It has indeed affected so much in the way on how we can extend support to our government and to our community as a whole.”

“Honestly, I felt that this training is a destiny for me to participate because I am a local government officer and very to change the system and replicate the professionalism and dedication of Japanese government in community development.  It embraces the idea of “citizen’s self-government” by which residents of local community is empowered.  As a young professional, I want to commit myself for being the starter of social transformation in our community.  I personally realized that we Filipinos and Bangsamoro need to change our behavior in terms of discipline, work and teamwork.

  Though the experience I learned to manage and respect time, respect labor and the responsibility of local government to the people and the power of people towards development. “

“The entire learning experience gave us another point of view on how to promote development in our country like how Japan government did.

“We would be glad to share with our family and the rest of our community the learning we had here the moment we arrive back home.”


 The 4th Hiroshima Essential Trainings

From Trainees:

“This training is very relevant not only to the most anticipated Bangsamoro government.  And for as long as the government still faces issues like inefficient delivery of services and underdevelopment of communities, trainings like this shall be encouraged to continue.  Because it is indeed important to ensure that human resource of a society is capacitated with skills, knowledge and values to effectively ensure the stability, Equilibrium and development of the society.”

“I would just like to extend my deepest gratitude this program is a life changing, thank you for this opportunity.  I have learned a lot as public servant I am looking forward to applying in our local community.  The Sera Town, Mihara, for agricultural promotion and everything for me was good.  Thank you very much, Professor Yoshida, to JICA, Hiroshima Prefecture government for being so kind and accommodating.  I feel bless to become part of their program because I learn a lot.  Please continue this program because it is very helpful specially to the developing country or places.  I hope our learning can be realized and apply in the Bangsamoro government.  Thank you.  God bless and more power HiPeC-BM.  Love form the Bangsamoro people!!”

“Being a Hiroshima trainee is not just a privilege but it is a great honor.  As a person who works in an academe, I was really shock on how things are done in the field.  The training taught me many things that I may not fully understand if I would just read a book on public administration.  With this, I am very thankful for the opportunity.  And hope that I can be a catalyst of hope and development in the Bangsamoro region.”

“The over-all training was excellent.  I have gained enough knowledge, known the picture of public administration in Japan. Through this, I was molded into a good public servant. To have studied in Hiroshima University is a life-changing experience.  I will treasure it for the rest of life, hopes and assurances that all of these things will never be forgotten. Wherever we go, whomever we are in the future, we will not forget that JICA, Hiroshima Prefecture and Hiroshima University had a part of it.“

“This is a really helpful for me and to my land.  I just hope that you continue to provide assistance for Mindanao.  The only thing that I can assume you is that, learnings as well as this experience will surely be of use in the coming Bangsamoro government.  I promise to not just do only my part but to do my very best so everyone in Mindanao or in the Bangsamoro can aspire for self-determination.”

“This is the luckiest batch because of the improved quality of the curriculum.  It became more relevant and mind-enriching.  Additionally, the towns are very enjoyable and creates a bond among the trainees as well as the facilitators and organizers.  Above all, it isn’t just the skills acquired but also the values formed during the training.”


The 5th Hiroshima Essential Trainings

From Trainees

“Thank you for giving us this opportunity to experience the way the Hiroshima Prefecture share its people. We learn a lot specially on the visioning.  Maraming Salamat”

“Everything went so well. Thank you so much to the JICA Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima University most especially to Yoshida Sensei and the Team for this wonderful training. No words could express how much grateful I am to be part of the 5th HET. I would treasure everything that I learned from here and use it as a tool to improve my Bangsamoro Community. Arigato! Shukran! Thank you! Allah Bless Us All!”

“The Hiroshima Training, in general, is very helpful for the Bangsamoro Youth. We came to understand how Hiroshima works and the lessons behind its successful implementation. I hope we could bring the lessons and experiences to our homeland and apply them, maybe not the same as it is but we could use Hiroshima as the benchmark.”

“The overall training lecture consists of different topics that will improve delivering of services to the community and at the same time improve myself. I will do my best to apply what I learned and know more about the realities that the Bangsamoro is facing to appropriately and effectively plan for an improved/developed and sustainable society. I am truly grateful to be a part of this training and work together with people having different tribes and perceptions that enabled respect and understanding towards each other.”

”As a trainee, I am very blessed to have this training. I am not sure that I have a 100% of grasping the learning however I learned a lot. As I internalized that being someday a public servant in the Bangsamoro Region. I hope I can implement those what I have learned the skills and theory in some cases.”

“For the training it is so tough. Especially the schedules were so tight. Perhaps some day for the next batch, hope there will be an immersion to the community to live with the Japanese people. To know more better what are the Japanese culture and norms which can be a role model to development. And also, the witnessing of specific fields of expertise. For the program/Project proposals hope there will be a timeline of consultations such as initial, middle and final consultation for the next batch are confidently to present their proposals. For the exams questions, hope the term use were simple as I understand some of those questions are double meaning which we are having a hard time to think what the point of view the questions is trying to address. Most of all, as being strict is a gift, somehow, I feel inferior when the trainee failed to perform well special in making the “vision” of the Proposal. However, Prof. Yoshida, we taste the success for squeezing us, pushing us to perform more. Thank you! Prof. Yoshida. Thank you! Hiroshima Prefecture. Thank you! JICA. Thank you! Lecturers. Most of all, thank you very much! Japan.”

“I really don’t know how to put into words the feeling I had have and the feeling I have right now. I am so grateful and forever grateful with this training. I have learned a lot and the training surpassed my expectations. This is a professional and life experience for me that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. To the organizer, founders and partners of this training “Arigatou Guzaimashi ta”. You guys, did not just help me to grow as professional but you give us hope and light that we can overcome the challenges we have and barely peace will realized soonest. Thank you so much for helping us to capacitate ourselves. Thank you so much.”

”The long month training was overall helpful and fun. The knowledge that was imparted by the various lectures is of great help to develop and improve our public administration skills. May this training continue to capacitate more young leaders in the future.”

From Facilitators 

”The HET is getting more comprehensive each batch. This can be attributed from the learnings from previous batch. For this 5th Batch of HET, the time of training has been maximized by introducing activities such as review discussions of lectures presented. In this sense, it promotes responsibility and accountability on the part of the participants.I also appreciate the provision of Prayer Room. Lastly, we express our endless gratitude to HET Team, Prof. Yoshida and the rest of those who we met in this entire training experience. Also, we would like to thank everyone who selflessly extended their help in a cause to give children in Marawi to go back to school and hopefully reach their full potentials as the future people of Bangsamoro. Again, Thank You.”

“I hope this kind of training will continue specially for the young Bangsamoro so that the capacity of the young ones will be boosted for them to apply in their community. This helps to know more about our own history, the struggles that leads us to a common aspirations.”


The 6th Hiroshima Essential Trainings

From Trainees

“It boosted my critical thinking and analyzing capabilities on every issues and topic discussed. Especially as I was able to relate my experience of Marawi Siege to the history of devastation impact of war and Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and significantly on its path to Reconstruction and Peacebuilding and how it became the “Global Center of Peace”.”

“Indeed, when I returned in the country after the 28-day HET, I have brought with me more than what I expected. Other than the new knowledge, values and skills, I have brought a bag of lessons in life that will guide me as a person, a professional and a community worker.”

 “HET taught me not just theories on Public Administration and Leadership but also actual practices in Hiroshima, Japan that I was able to bring back with me when I went back to the Philippines; spreading peace and unity, importance of time and forgiveness, simplicity and volunteerism, among others.”

“I also realized that collaboration between Local Government, Industry and University must always work closely together to promote Sustainable Development. The training convinced me that Nation-Building requires collective and collaborative efforts of leaders, from different fields of expertise, to create a vision that will contribute for the improvement on quality life of the society for future generations to come.”

“Hiroshima Essential Training broadened and strengthened my knowledge and skills in Public Administration, governance, peace building and human resource development. As one of the Marawi Siege survivors, it was very inspiring for me to witness how Hiroshima recovered from complete devastation and managed to be the Global Center of Peace.”

“I came to Hiroshima to be a HET trainee. I left as a trained, and empowered initiator of change for my community. 

Hiroshima Essential Training was comprehensive and intensive in a good way. It required critical thinking, patience, optimism, and collaboration with my fellow trainees. Hiroshima was our benchmark for our lectures in public administration, human resource development, and rural development. It was very inspiring how a city that was reborn from complete devastation, is now a center for global peace. All of our lecturers shared and highlighted that positive attitude, passion, and motivation, are important in rebuilding lives and future. As an agriculture advocate, the training further strengthened my vision to contribute in changing the current narrative of agriculture and food security. I believe food security is a vital factor in achieving peace. And our agriculture sector needs our optimism, passion, and motivation more than ever. 

Peace also needs our critical thinking, utmost patience, optimism, and collaboration. Peace is not a one-man-show or takes one day to undergo. Peace takes time and is always on the process.  To the Bangsamoro community, let’s all work for peace. Let’s all be active citizens in our own communities. Let’s be hopeful, and work for a peaceful future!”

“But beyond the gained knowledge and skills, the HET taught me how to utilize peace as a tool in changing our society. Moreover, it also taught me to embrace our diversity, appreciate my heritage and culture and love my home, the Bangsamoro.”

“We worked differently together, we were more conflict resistant, we shared more, and through the process we had become a more cohesive and collaborative unit, capable of achieving the future we envisioned for the Bangsamoro.”

“I learned how a certain prefecture rose from a great damage and still be able to be as positive as they can in spreading peace around the globe and its community. A simple communication can start a whole lot of ideas and actions to make a constructive plan succeed.”

“I suggest that there shall be Ice breaker before or in the middle of sessions or lectures. Also, Kindly improve Microphone or audio system of interpreter for better conveyance of message to the trainees. The tours are highly relevant to the training.  More Hands-on or integrated lecture would be appreciated. Lecturers are very knowledgeable of their topics and facilitators are very approachable and supportive.”

“changing the current narrative of agriculture and food security. I believe food security is a vital factor in achieving peace. And our agriculture sector needs our optimism, passion and motivation more than ever.

“Other than the knowledge, values and skills, HET helped me to appreciate more the responsibilities of public servants and realized the importance of empowered human resources in the development and achieving peace in the community.”

“The program gave me an opportunity to know the challenges of the Bangsamoro nation beyond what the eyes could see. The training gave us a platform to learn from each other’s experiences and views as well as the best practices of other nations in dealing with the similar problems that are likewise faced by the Bangsamoro nation.”

“United Nation Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) have taught us the rigid procedure in applying Need Assessment, in order to determine the Core Objective, a necessary and immediate intervention program or projects that a certain community needed.”

“Inform, Involve, Empower, and Inspire” this are the words that truly describe the journey I had in Hiroshima, Japan during the Hiroshima Essential Training (HET), a program by Hiroshima Peacebuilding and Capacity Development for Bangsamoro. A training that builds my confidence, widen my perspective about Public Administration, and strengthen my passion to serve my fellowmen. We strongly believe that we are one of the catalysts of positive change.

INFORM: The training provides us a load of information and learnings that is beneficial to us  as Public Servants. Learnings with regards to Public Administration gives us a concrete perspective as to its responsibilities, functions and role to the government and to the society. During the training we had a visit at Hiroshima Prefecture which allow us to witness the best work practices of Japanese employees. This truly amazed me because everyone is mindful to their work and to their fellow co-worker. A true sign of success, cooperation and positive participation.

INVOLVE: A practical activities such as making a policy proposal were one of the brain cracking activities of HET but one of the avenues that shows the true and unique qualities of every trainees. They able to show their abilities in data gathering, being resourceful, creative collaboration and teamwork. Everyone demonstrates the qualities of being professionals which is one of the essential qualities of being a public servant.

Furthermore, observing and applying the Japanese values were one of the characteristics I admired and opt to practice. Like for example was being mindful with the time, observing being on time and be cautious of the time. “Time is gold” is really a big deal. Another is being responsible in your own plates and utensils in every after meal, a simple gesture that shows a great impact in the system.

Lastly, the activity with the Hiroshima University employees, who have shared their work routine in their respective office, was a totally awesome.

EMPOWER: Field exposure to Shobara City, Miyajima,  and Hiroshima Prefecture Government were very empowering. “A society that works together will live a progressive life together”. I first-handedly witnessed the beauty of cooperation, positive participation and achieving one goal together will really results to a positive change. I am empowered to apply such mechanism to my own town.

INSPIRE: A month long training at Hiroshima University with the amazing and proactive professors, lecturers and students was a life changing experience. I am jampacked with knowledge and learnings from this great people. I am inspired with the quality of life of Japanese people and the Japanese culture and values. I am inspired with the generosity and kindness of Japanese people towards to us and to our country. I am inspired with the concern and action of its people towards to their government and fellowmen. I am inspired to share my knowledge and experience to my fellow Bangsamoro as a sign of gratitude and support to the goal of the HET to achieve sustainable development and peace.

I am happy and proud to be part of Hiroshima Peacebuilding and Capacity Development for Bangsamoro (HiPeC BM) trainee.

Salam and Mabuhay.”