Background of the Project

       Since the signing of the Framework  Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB), it has been envisioned that the conflicts in Mindanao which have been on-going for more than 40 years will finally be resolved with the establishment of the Bangsamoro Government. In order for that peace in the Bangsamoro area to be consolidated and stable enough to prevent the recurrence of the conflict, one of the key factors will be how the people find the difference from the past in terms of functioning of the new autonomous government in which the capacity as well as the attitude of the new government officers are decisive apart from the political right of the people to self-determination.

        Hiroshima  University  has been conducting researches  and  activities  of  peacebuilding  in  Mindanao  from  2006,  while Hiroshima Prefectural Government joined the former in supporting Bangsamoro peace in 2012.  As institutions for peace, both of them are now determined for contributing to the peace through training the youths of the region to be capable and efficient candidates to serve for the people and the government of the Bangsamoro.


         Hiroshima Peacebuilding and Capacity Development Project for Bangsamoro in Mindanao is a profect funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and organized and conducted by the joint body of Hiroshima Prefectural Government and Hiroshima University.  This is to support the tri-people in Mindanao for justice and the enduring peace through establishing and running the new autonomous government.

         Hiroshima University has been conducting researches and activities of peacebuilding both in Mindanao and Hiroshima since 2006 and Hiroshima Prefectural Government joined this efforts in 2012.

         We had developed partner relationship with host organization (like MILF and OPAPP) since our former project, HiPeC-Ⅱ.  Also we developed deep understanding of the areas and problems in Bangsamoro in that period.  With this outcome, we established new project.

         Hiroshima University has some advantage to embark on peacebuilding training.  At first, Hiroshima is famous as a symbol for peace.  Secondly, Hiroshima University has well-organized mobilization of intellectual resources for peacebuilding, like Faculty of Law has a function as an institution to nurture civil servants.  Moreover this project can give possible feedback for the researchers to enrich their research activities.