The 6th Hiroshima Essential Trainings (20-22)

Day 21: July 22, 2018
Sunday/ free time

Day 22: July 23, 2018
1. On-site Training at Hiroshima University  (Administrative work) 
2. Examination -3
   3. Brainstorming for the final presentation

The first day of the final week, on July 23, trainees learned administrative work from the support office at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hiroshima University.

Mr. Hirofumi Kakinomoto, Deputy Director of the Office, said a few words and two of the administrative staff, Ms. Rika Sawa and Ms. Saori Koyama,  provided trainees a hands-on training on the procedures of  business trip, one of their administrative tasks. Trainees learned about how its procedures has done at the office in the University by completing all tasks on a sample case step by step. 

In the afternoon, trainees took a third examination from the lectures held during the third week. After the exam, they had a brainstorming session for their final presentation held on Friday, July 27.  At this final event, trainees will present their proposal to the future autonomous government in Bagsamoro, Mindanao in the Philippines. The trainees were divided into two groups and had worked on their proposal.  Active discussions were held during the Session.