About Us

Hiroshima University Active Peacebuilding Research Initiative (HiPeC III) is a research group based on Hiroshima University that is to develop the study of peacebuilding as an integrated research subject that encompasses various research fields like international relations, political science, public administration, law, education, economics, anthropology and history.

Active research here means the one in which researchers are not hesitated to engage in the actual fields of peacebuilding through education, trainings, projects or researches, as they understand those as opportunities to encounter the living seeds of their research endeavors. Theories and hypotheses are tested in the ever-changing phenomena of the actual peacebuilding theaters and researchers are enriched in their capacity to understand and analyze their research topics resulting in development of their joint academic ability to support peacebuilding.

In this context, HiPeC III welcomes practitioners in peacebuilding to join us in activities including researches, trainings and other forms of projects.

HiPeC III is also preparing an academic e-journal, Hiroshima Journal of Peace, for the active peacebuilding research in which contribution not only from researchers but also from practitioners and joint contribution by practitioners and researcher will be accepted.

For the previous activities by HiPeC-I and II, please click this link.