Practicing Peacebuilding the 12th lecture will be held on February 1st.


20180201 Dr. Bessho Lecture Poster (1)のサムネイルPracticing Peacebuilding the 12th lecture Development and Minority: The “Politics of Buddhism in China-Nepal Relations

開発とマイノリティ: 中国 - ネパール関係における「仏教の政治」

Date and Time: Thursday, 1 February 2018; 16:20-17:50 Venue: Lecture Room 201, IDEC, Hiroshima University Language: English

日時:2月1日(木)16:20-17:50 場所:IDEC201教室  使用言語:英語

Speaker: Dr. BESSHO Yusuke   Associate Professor,   Komazawa Universoity

講 師: 駒沢大学准教授   別所裕介氏

Nepal, reborn as a federal state after a long conflict against the monarchy, has become a focus of Chinese politics in its relations with Tibetans. This lecture argues the current situations and the future of the bilateral relations with due consideration to the roles played by India.


No registration required just to attend the lecture.More information: Contact Professor YOSHIDA Osamu at or call at 6936 (Ext.)

予約不要。当日参加可。 お問い合わせ先:吉田 修教授 メールまたは内線6936まで。