(Sep. 27) HiPeC-BM Trainees visited Consular Office of Japan & JICA Office in Davao City

Two Davao-based Batch 6 HiPeC-BM HET Trainees were accompanied by  the Project Manager of the HiPeC-BM, Prof. Yoshida, to visit Honorable Consul Yoshiaki Miwa, Counsellor & Director,  the Consular Office of Japan in Davao City, and Ms. Maki Yamagishi, Expert on the Economic Enhancement Component, Comprehensive Capacity Development Project (CCDP) Davao project sub-office, JICA.

Through these visits, they had opportunities to learn the importance of the cooperation between Japan and the Philippines, specifically of the significance of our Project in this bilateral relationship. They also had a chance to share their experiences  from the Training with Hon. Miwa and Ms. Yamagishi and how the lessons learned from the trainings had enhanced their skills and affected their workings. They talked about the final presentation session in early November which is going to be made to the Board Members of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) .