The Second Phase of HiPeC-BM Project which included the 4th, 5th and 6th HET, and 1st,,  2nd and 3rd MHST was terminated at the end of November 2018.

Hiroshima University and Hiroshima Prefecture were planning to apply to JICA for the project in 2017 in order to start the Third Phase just before the Second Phase ended.

Unfortunately, JICA did not open the call for fresh applications of this type of projects in 2017.

This kept us from carrying out the HET and MHST, and other activities related to these trainings in 2019. 

We are very sorry we cannot open the applications for the 7th HET this February.

After an interval of a year, JICA finally started accepting applications in summer 2018.  We applied for the project in October and now are waiting for the announcement of the result (whether adopted or not) which is scheduled in March 2019.

We will update the information regarding the Third Phase Project of HiPeC-BM in April, 2019.